Nomad Invest aims at good risk-adjusted absolute returns over time. 


Like nomads, we roam the investment environment searching for our own path to new fertile grounds. In search for opportunities, we are not afraid to diverge from the crowd. In fact, that is where we find ourselves most comfortable. That being said, we choose our battles and will not fight the most powerful of trends. 


We understand the benefits of specialization to one specific strategy. However, the way we see it, diversified uncorrelated investing strategies and ideas ensure that all our hard-earned eggs are not in the same one basket.


In the core of our journey is an investment process, which is guided by a strategic and tactical rules-based decision-making process. It is designed to minimize our own cognitive biases and cut off judgement calls from the decision process. 


We know that we are often wrong in our positions. We are the first to admit if our investment thesis is not working. For us, the goal is not to be right. The goal is to make a profit. Hence, risk management is of the essence. It is about how much we profit when we are right, and how little we lose when we are wrong. 

Every investment decision is documented and evaluated to improve our process over time, and to adjust it to any new environment or paradigm.


Our quest is mostly in the public markets. However, we are broadening our horizon for new opportunities also in the private markets.

We believe that lifelong learning might be the last existing source of alpha. We also believe in the free sharing of information. If you want to meet up, please, you can reach out here!

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